Vaxis is one of GM Innovations brands. It is devoted to providing film and TV industry with light system and reliable professional wireless video solutions. With its leading R & D and manufacturing system, Vaxis product has been unanimously recognized by users from all fields, widely used in films, advertisements, documentaries, Korea summit, Mid-autumn party and other international occasions. The dealers cover 29 countries around the world.

Currently, Vaxis has two main product series, the functional Storm series and smart Thor series, which basically covered all the possible using demand for different users, different occasions and different equipment. Such as, Storm 3000 for film/ TV users, Storm 5000 for sports live broadcast with super long distance; Pocket size Thor 600 for SLR users, wireless handhold monitor storm 058 for directors and focus puller, etc.. Users can always find their best wireless video solution from Vaxis.

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Tel: 400-014-7080

Email:[email protected]


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